127 Film Holder Compatible with V550/V600 Film scanners

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as of 06/02/2023 (Details)

This is a 127 film format negative holder and frame for use with Epson V550/V600 flatbed film scanners (US Patent Pending). 127 format film was very popular in the early 20th century and was considered the consumer favorite for decades. It was often used in popular cameras such as the "Brownie" and "Vest Pocket Kodak." 127 film was 46 mm wide and, depending on the camera, produced images of 4x4 cm, 4x3 cm, or 4x6 cm. Unfortunately 127 negative holders are hard to come by and the ones that you can find are quite expensive. This holder is designed to fit inside the stock 120 film holder that shipped with your Canon or Epson scanner. Use of an OEM holder may not be necessary with your scanner, but it aids in proper positioning and helps avoid blocking calibrations slots on the scanner bed. Specifications for the 127 negative holder: Overall: 199 x 55 mm Scanning window: 179 x 41.5 mm Material: Plastic Features: Unlike some designs, these holders feature a recessed channel to hold your negative strip firmly which can help avoid scratches or trapped dust that other holders may cause. If you purchase multiple holders from us, we will adjust shipping charges after sale so that your shipping costs are combined.

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