35 mm film adapter for Nikon ES-1 Slide Adapter

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

This is a 35 mm negative/film adapter for use with the Nikon ES-1 Slide Adapter. This was custom made for use with 35 mm film negatives. Unfortunately Nikon never made a 35 mm negative adapter for their Slide Duplicator. Quality flatbed film scanners can cost upwards of $500 and dedicated film scanners can cost several thousand dollars. The Nikon ES-1 Slide Duplicator provides consumers who own a digital SLR camera the ability to digitize 35 mm slides and now 35 mm negatives for a fraction of the cost. While the Nikon ES-1 was not intended for use with negatives, it will work quite well for that purpose if one has the proper adapter as well as the necessary software like Photoshop to "reverse" negative images, mirror them, and otherwise adjust them as necessary. It is imperative that your digital SLR camera has the option for manual focus for the Nikon ES-1 Slide Duplicator (and subsequently this 35 mm adapter) to work properly. Please make sure that you have the proper knowledge and software to utilize this adapter as the seller does not have the necessary time available to provide one-on-one technical support. Specifications for the 35 mm adapter: Overall: 80 x 49 mm Scanning window: 35 x 25 mm (enough to digitize one 35 mm frame at a time using the ES-1 Slide Duplicator) Assembled thickness: 5 mm Material: Plastic Special Feature: Recessed channel exact width of 35 mm film so that negative is held in place. Channel is open on both ends so film can be easily slid through without taking the holder apart. If you purchase multiple holders from us, we will adjust shipping charges after sale so that your shipping costs are combined.

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