8 MM Film Holder for Plustek Opticfilm Scanners

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

This is a 8mm film format negative holder for use with the Plustek Opticfilm film scanners (Patent Pending). This was CAD designed and manufactured for use with the Regular 8 mm and Super 8 mm movie film format. According to Plustek and other sources, this holder should fit the following Plustek Opticfilm models: 7200, 7200i, 7200i SE, 7300, 7400, 7500i, 7500i SE, 7500i AI, 7600i SE, 7600i AI, 8100, 8200i SE, and 8200i AI. This holder will work with both Regular 8 and Super 8 films. Please be certain to measure one of your OEM Plustek holders against the measurements of this holder as listed below. If you find the measurements of your OEM holder are larger in any dimension than below (except length), please do not purchase this holder. This is a newly designed holder for the Plustek Opticfilm line that features two "borderless" scan windows that are each 30 mm in length. If you have frames where it is critical to have edge-to-edge scanning, those images can be positioned within one of the two borderless windows. Please note that 8 mm movie film was never intended to be scanned as a still image format. You cannot expect to get the same scanned image quality from an 8 mm frame that you could from a 35 mm negative. Specifications for the 8 mm film holder: Overall: 217 x 62 mm Material: plastic Assembled thickness: 6.7 mm Features: Unlike some designs, this holder features a recessed channel to hold your negative strip firmly which can help avoid scratches or trapped dust that other holders may cause. Note: If you purchase multiple holders from us we will refund excess shipping costs.

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