APS Film Holder Compatible w/ION PIC2SD Scanners

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as of 09/27/2023 (Details)

This is an APS film format negative holder for use with the ION pic2sd film scanners (Patent Pending). This was CAD designed and manufactured for use with the obsolete APS film format that was briefly popular in the 1990s. Unfortunately not only is it almost impossible to get prints made from APS film these days, but APS negative holders are hard to come by and the ones that you can find cost upwards of $100. Additionally, while many film scanners allow for negatives to be scanned directly on the glass, APS presents a special issue because it's stored wound tightly inside the film canister. Once you get it out of the canister, the negatives roll in to a ball unmercifully without something to hold them flat. Removing exposed negatives from an APS canister is actually quite easy. You literally break it out any way you can. Since APS canisters are plastic, I use a pair of pliers to gently crack open the canister to gain access to the negatives. If you don't want to destroy your APS canister, there are commercially available products known as "film retrieval tools" that will work for APS. I am also told that it is possible to use a small flat screwdriver to open the canister film door and then use the screwdriver to turn the canister center spindle to make the film eject for scanning. Specifications for the APS negative holder: Overall: 217 x 64 mm Material: plastic Assembled thickness: 6.3 mm Features: Unlike some designs, this holder features a recessed channel to hold your negative strip firmly which can help avoid scratches or trapped dust that other holders may cause. Note: If you order more than one holder from us, we will reimburse excess shipping charges

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