Duplex Medical Insurance Card and ID Card Scanner (w/ Scan-ID LITE)

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as of 09/27/2023 (Details)

The DX1210 is a USB self-powered duplex card scanner which is fully TWAIN compliant and works with hundreds of other scanning applications, including all electronic healthcare and medical practice management systems which support TWAIN. It is used industry wide to scan medical insurance cards, driver licenses, and laminated IDs. It can be used in simplex mode to scan a single side, or in duplex mode to scan both sides of a card in one pass. Quad Powered Rollers This heavy-duty scanner is specially designed for those challenging jobs other card scanners cannot handle. It uses not just 2, but 4 high-traction rollers in the card transport mechanism. Each of the 4 rollers are independently powered, allowing smooth feeding of even the thickest embossed plastic cards or laminated IDs commonly used in medical cards, and licenses. Scan-ID LITE The included Scan-ID LITE software is a powerful card management system which enables you to scan and manage medical cards, licenses, and other IDs. The system scans and creates a searchable (and exportable) database of the scanned cards. Card information is manually keyed in. ScanToFile The included ScanToFile application allows you to scan cards and automatically save the images directly to PDF, JPEG, or TIFF files on your PC. Dual-Side Scanning Technology This unique scanning feature enables any application to scan and display both the front and back of a document easily using TWAIN. It scans both sides of a document in one pass, and combines them into a single composite image. Then it transfers the composite image to the application. - Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, VS, XP - 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee - 1 year parts and labor warranty is included

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