Negative Solutions Film Holders 110 Adapter Compatible w/ION, JUMBL, Wolverine, Digitnow! scanners

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as of 09/27/2023 (Details)

This is a 110 film format negative holder for use with the Jumbl 22MP, Wolverine, Digitnow!, ION, and more scanners (Patent Pending). Please see below for full compatibility list. This was CAD designed and manufactured for use with the obsolete 110 film format that became popular in the 1970s. This negative holder will also work with 16 mm movie films. Specifications for the 110 negative holder: Overall: 217 x 64 mm Material: plastic Assembled thickness: 6 mm If you purchase more than one holder from us, we will refund excess shipping charges. Compatible with: ION PIC2SD (NOT PIC2SD Plus) ZONOZ FS-ONE FS-THREE Wolverine SNAP-14 Red Wolverine SNAP20 Wolverine SNaP100 Red Wolverine F2D Super Green Wolverine F2D Super Yellow Wolverine F2D8 Red Wolverine F2D100 Black Wolverine F2D Red Wolverine F2D20 Red/Orange Wolverine F2D30 Blue Wolverine F2D Mighty White Wolverine F2D Mighty Orange Wolverine F2D14 Green Jumbl 22MP Digitnow! 22MP Digitnow! 5MP DigitNow! M125 DigitNow! M123 ClearClick 20MP ClearClick 22MP ClearClick F2USB-05 Rollei DF-S Magnasonic 22MP SainSonic FS-02 35mm Slide Converters

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