Negative Trays Set of 3 – Fits most zonoz, Wolverine Data, Jumbl, Magnasonic, Digitnow, SainSonic & ClearClick 35mm Slide & Negative Scanners

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

35mm Negative Tray Set of 3 - Kodak Scanza,Kodak Mini,Fits most zonoz, Wolverine Data, Jumbl, Magnasonic, Digitnow, SainSonic, ClearClick 35mm Slide Scanners. Set of 3, where each tray holds 4 slides great for speeding up the processing time. Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available. With True Enhanced Performance. Latest Technical Development. Compatible with the following scanners: ZONOZ FS-FOUR, FS-FIVE, FS-THREE, FS-ONE, Wolverine SNAP-14 Red, Wolverine SNAP20, Wolverine SNaP100 Red, Wolverine F2D Super Green, Wolverine F2D Super Yellow, Wolverine F2D8 Red, Wolverine F2D100 Black, Wolverine F2D Red, Wolverine F2D20 Red/Orange, Wolverine F2D30 Blue, Wolverine F2D Mighty White, Wolverine F2D Mighty Orange, Wolverine F2D14 Green, Jumbl 22MP, Digitnow! 22MP, Digitnow! 5MP, DigitNow! M125, DigitNow! M123, ClearClick 20MP, ClearClick 22MP, ClearClick F2USB-05, Magnasonic 22MP, Rollei DF-S, SainSonic FS-02 35mm Slide Converters.

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