Pacific Image PrimeFilm XAs Automatic 35mm Film & Slide Scanner – Batch scanning up to 40 Frames at Once, 3-line RGB Linear CCD Sensor, 10,000 x 10,000 dpi, 48-bit

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as of 02/22/2024 (Details)

The Pacific Image PrimeFilm XAs Film Scanner provides high quality scanning capability of 35mm slides and negatives with a resolution of 10,000 dpi and a dynamic range of 4.2D. The scanner is also an impressive productivity tool with the ability to batch scan 35mm strip film up to 40 frames and the MagicTouch, Auto Color Correction and Digital Noise Reduction that ensures that your scanned images are the best quality possible. It does this by automatically removing dust and scratches, restoring color to faded films, and minimizing image graininess. The new Multiple-Exposure and Multiple-Sampling function helps improves the quality of the scanned images.

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