PDP 9700 (100/pkg) 9700 Item Analysis Compatible Tally Sheet

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Form Number: 9700 Form Size: 8½" x 12", 2-sided Form Description: Accommodates 100 Items (50/side) Two passes each side 888P, 888P+, Scantron Score compatible 100 SHEET PACK Qty 100 - 100 Question Scantron Compatible Item Analysis Forms 1-50 on front 51-100 on back. This form is run through after all the test have been scored, and will give the instructor a better understanding of the test for the class as a whole. Forms Scored, Class Average and the the number of tests that incorrectly marked a specific question Typical Process 1 Scan front and back of key 2 Scan front and back of first test 3 Scan front and back of second test etc... 4 Run the Item Analysis Sheet through, Pass 1, Pass 2, Pass 3, Pass 4. Compatible with the Scantron 888P+ Scanner.Shipped shrinkwrapped in a hard paperboard mailer to prevent damage. Will ship separately from forms order.

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