Plumed basilisk. Baudroie (Monkfish). Batrachoides (Pacuma toadfish) – 1834 – old print – antique print – vintage print – Reptiles art prints

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Antique Print: Plumed basilisk. Baudroie (Monkfish). Batrachoides (Pacuma toadfish). Caption below print: '1. Basilic; 2. Baudroie; 3. Batracoïde'. Type: Antique steel-engraved print. Date of printing: 1834. Size: 22.5 x 16.5cm, 8.75 x 6.5 inches (Medium), 376 sq cm. Artist, cartographer or engraver: Unsigned. Condition: Fair: No right margin (image incomplete: a small part of the print may be missing compared to that shown in the scan). The image shown may have been taken from a different example of this print than that which is offered for sale. Any flaws described in this statement may not be visible on the image but will be present on the print you receive. . Please note any other blemishes on the scan prior to purchasing this picture. Verso: There is nothing printed on the reverse side, which is plain. Provenance: "Dictionnaire pittoresque d'histoire naturelle et des phenomenes de la nature"; Sous la direction de M F-E Guerin, Paris. Subject categories: Reptiles Fish.

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