Scanmarker Digital Highlighter – OCR Pen Scanner and Reader – USB Version (Mac & Win)

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Just swipe - Scanmarker types! Scanmarker uses our cutting-edge patented technology to create a superior and accurate handheld scanning solution. Just slide your pen scanner across a line of text and watch it appear instantly on your computer screen. Whether you are creating a report in Word or sharing a quote with your friends on Facebook, Scanmarker will type it fast for you. Maximize your time and efficiency Scan up to 30 times faster than manual typing! Scanmarker is a highly acclaimed productivity device amongst students, doctors, librarians, lawyers, teachers, researchers and everyone who requires instant scanning of text. Reading pen Memorize and gain a clearer understanding of the scanned material using the read aloud feature - hear the text out loud whilst scanning. This also turns Scanmarker into an effective assistive device used for dyslexia and other disabilities, helping every student acheive academic success. Translate Use the translation feature to help you master a foreign language (50+ languages). Barcode Reader Scanmarker also doubles as an effective Barcode scanner. Handwriting Images Scan small black and white images (eg. signatures) that will be inserted alongside the text in your document. In the box Scanmarker USB cable Reference Guide Warranty Card (Full one year warranty) Tech Specs Recognition Speed: 3000 characters per minute. Full line of text within one second. Scanned Width (Field of View): 1cm (0.4 Inch) Scans text size 6 - 24 pt Right and left-hand optimizationOS Support Mac OS X 10.10+ Windows 7+

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